Nardini x The Wog With The Grog

So, if you’re totally not aware of anything that happens on my Instagram…you should really get onto that! If you are, well, you’re welcome for the delicious images, haha!

You’re probably wondering what Nardini is and WHO The Wog With The Grog is as well…well, imma tell you!

Nardini is one of the most flavourful grappas that has ever entered my body, created and imported from its motherland ITALY! Love me some Italian…and not just how I like my ladies, haha!

And who might you ask is The Wog with the Grog? WELL TWwtG is the brainchild of the team behind Euro Concepts Sydney who bring in some of the BEST imported alcohols and serve them up to restaurants and bars around Aus.

Together, to promo Nardini in Australia, along with the Josie G and her fabulousness plus the crew of Porsche South Sydney, created a very cool opportunity for some of Sydney’s hottest bloggers…and they all look pretty damn fiiine too 😉

So what opportunity was it? Why, to make a shmick cocktail using Nardini Grappa and have it judged to take out some killer prizes:

First prize: Trip for 2 to the home of Nardini, Italy! (Breakfast With Audrey)

Second: Dinner at La Pesa (which looks awesome, I need to go there)

Third: Nardini Grappa Hamper (won by yours truly – I cooked up a vegan cocktail (which you can see below))

Fourth: O Cosmedics Pack

With catering by the crew from Pasticceria Caruso (and their INCREDIBLE cannoli), delicious cured meats from De Palma Salumi, Oyster Shucking with style from Sydney Oyster Girls and Rockin’ Oysters & some sweet rides by Porsche, you can say, it was definitely a brilliant night!

Check out the pics below!



Written by Hungry As Fork

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