If Narnia were an actual place, then the world of Absolut Botanik would be where it all goes down!

In case you were blissfully unaware, I’m Hungry As Fork, Paleo foodie and breaking all the rules of paleoism (Sorry Paleo Pete, you’ll have to look away on this one) by indulging ALL my senses in (my absolut favourite spirit…see what I did there 😉) VODKA! 

Without sounding incredibly cheesy and like I was forced to say it (which I wasn’t) Absolut is one of my favourite Vodka labels (yes, someone, somewhere will say otherwise) but I put it right up there with the likes of Grey Goose & Belvedere – they’re all smooth, have this ridiculously awesome cooling effect on the body and DO NOT LEAVE A DISTURBING AFTERTASTE THAT CAUSES YOUR BODY TO GO INTO SHOCK! (Sorry, so much yelling but it’s exciting)

ANYWAY, back to the Botanik! Hosted at The Residences in Centennial Garden, Absolut Botanik personified an otherwise ordinary looking area! It’s like they brought the character of each of the bottles to life – I’m being serious! As we entered through the gates, we were papped on the media wall because you know, like a Kardashian, I’m famous for nothing (hehe), greeted by a model dressed like she came straight out of The Hunger Games (which thinking about it now, had to do with one of the bottles having a Crow/Raven on it) and entered into the Botanik World. 


Rooms full of props to leave you thinking you’d been to an orgy that was captured all by a GIF, (what I assume was) a hallway/gathering space with a touch sensitive panel that changed light colours (which i didn’t realise till later, but that’s okay), a sensory lab (Which was kind of kinky thanks to the blind fold, feel it up box and eating fruits and vegetables covered in jam all with a shot of Absolut) and a live band in the kitchen!

Let’s not forget about the fact that plastered all over the walls were Instagram photos which had been created by some amazing accounts to promote the new Absolut offering and THIS GUY (yes, me) made a nutter of himself by becoming a fanboy when he met Nutellasum 😂


While getting into the sensory lab was a mild challenge, going into the Jam room (aka kitchen) was surprisingly great! Who knew having a band play in a kitchen, while jam jars covered the counter top and a DJ dropped bass in the bar-throom with bottles of vodka lined in an ice bath would be how I envisioned the after life…if I didn’t before, I sure did now! It was heavenly! (Yes, we went home and at donuts topped with Absolut Botanik jam)


 The experience didn’t stop there, with a flat lay room in a converted office which ps, was very cool! A dining room for exactly that…gorging yourself stupid on some amazing sweets, while the waiters walked around with savoury noms and you delighted your senses with the flavours of Botanik (they taste like regular lemonade or Fanta but don’t be fooled, it’s purely for the big kids [i.e. Me] that want to feel Fancy AF (that’s, as fork) drinking from an awesome bottle while getting vodkaed and experience flavour sensations).

The party didn’t stop there, outside you had ball pits (okay, so they were an art installation of a jacuzzi & yes, this drink was made for the “kids”), more DJs (can anyone say Peking Duk & Tigerlily) , wheelbarrows of vodka, more bath tubs, high backed chairs fit for Victoria Grayson in summer, sillhouetes of Absolut bottles and a head rush from the amazing transformation!  

I could talk forever about the event but you’d be bored, experience the vodka for yourself, it’s a MUST try & there’s more FREE parties to kick off our Aussie summer! 

Botanik House will be open from Thursday 22 October – Sunday 8 November. Event tickets are FREE and available by application now. To book your space, visit www.Botanik.Sydney (IT NEEDS TO BE DONE! DO IT!!!)
I shouldn’t need to tell you, you’re all smart enough but Enjoy Absolut Botanik Responsibly

Written by Hungry As Fork

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