What some of you won’t know (if you’re not into gobbling mounds of food into your mouth) is that last month, the food world was celebrating TRUFFLE MONTH (you know, those things that pigs like sniffing out and eating?) and by all accounts, pretty successful! Seriously, I have never heard so much about an ingredient more in my entire life (and i’m including ALL the times it’s been mentioned on ANY cooking show!).

THIS month, it’s a celebration of the humble, yet delicious OYSTER! The Oyster Festival (which to me sounds like it should be a celebration of the London Underground and not an something that’s shucked and sucked) will be hosted at The Morrison Bar by internationally awarded Executive Chef Sean Connolly, hosting a line-up of exciting activities and enticing offers, throughout August.

There will be over 20 types of oysters on display throughout the festival from across the country,including the most prolifically grown Pacific oyster, the Sydney Rock oyster (#SALIVATING) and uniquely giant Jurassic oyster (Jurassic World 2?), just to name a few. All oysters will be delivered from the grower’s daily, to ensure both the freshness and taste are flawless (someone should have named one Beyonce haha!) for each individual one.

With the Oyster Festival running from August 1st – 31st, you can get yourself down to The Morrison Bar and dive into the delicious world of OYSTERS!

  • Whisky and Oyster Masterclass – This will be held on 18th August
  • Shucking Station – Watch as Sean Connolly’s team of chefs expertly shuck your oysters to order, ask them for their top tips for getting the best out of these delicate little beauties. – Held throughout the Oyster Festival
  • ‘Oyster Hour’ – Mollusc madness reigns everyday of the Oyster Festival with our ever popular Oyster Hour. Each day between 6pm and 7pm all oysters are $1 each. It’s a shucking good time, so don’t miss out!
  • Beer, wine and cocktail specials throughout the month – match your favourite oysters your way, with great wine flights, cocktails and beer specials throughout the Oyster Festival.
  • There’s more to come, so keep an eye on this page!

Written by Hungry As Fork

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