Welcome to Hungry As Fork – Come fork with me

Welcome to Hungry As Fork!

For the longest time I’ve had an obsession for food, and let’s face who doesn’t? It’s the sustenance of life! I’ve never met someone that’s said that they don’t like to eat. If you looked at my resume it’s pretty much the first thing you’ll find under ‘special skills” and in all honesty, it is a pretty special skill. You need to know what you like and what you don’t but you also need to be open to experiencing new flavours.

For the past 2 years I’ve been following a paleo lifestyle, doing everything I can to un-process my life and my food but looking through my phone’s camera roll, there are A LOT of food photos, whether they’re of dishes that I’ve cooked myself or photos of the table while out with friends and family. I FORKING LOVE FOOD.

Eating it is one part, tasting it is another but the real reason I eat is to take photos of the food. If you can take a photo and make people hungry, then you’re doing something right!

So come on a FORKING journey with me!

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