For those of you familiar with Sydney nightlife, you’d be all over the fact that Casablanca opened up a bit over a year ago now, setting itself apart from the regular scene of inner Sydney City clubs and bars that attempt to have themselves known for their quality and service, quite possibly a venue like no other and the perfect match the launch Luc Belaire Rosé to the market. 

Situated on a fairly dead strip of road, across from the new Intercontinental Double Bay, with an A list clientle in mind, Casablanca boasts 15 private booths, large dance floor, fairly average speaker system that probably needs a slight upgrade, 2 Island bars with waiters that dance like they’re either high as a kite or drunk (that wasn’t a diss, it’s quite entertaining to watch while the bar was still starting to fill up). They’re also keeping it as luxe as they can with the Martini Bar VIP room for exclusive functions, celebrities and those who wish that extra privacy.

I feel like the venue would be worthy of the great Gatsby walking in and everybody stopping what they’re doing. It’s got this luxe island feel to it, with a hint of 20th century extravagance. It’s got this whole “I want you to feel like you’re in a bar, but not in a bar” type feeling, whilst making you feel like at any second the cast of Entourage will walk through the door. So I might have described a few different vibes to the 

Aside from the fact that this is a food blog, I’d love to say something about the food but alas, no food to speak of. I did however manage to see some floating around the venue and it smelt great, but not a single morsel passed my lips. Unfortunate really, as far as PR events go, this was the most basic one I’ve ever been to…awkward! What I will say though is that the rosé actually tasted pretty nice, I’m generally not a huge fan of rosé but after what I had last night, I could be having a little change of heart.

Have you tried it? Let me know! Aside from the event being sub par, the drink was nice and earned it an overall 6/10. 


Written by Hungry As Fork

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