The Carter Sydney

I can’t say much about The Carter Sydney other than the fact that, by far, it’s one of the most impressive venues I’ve been to in a really long time.

The Carter Sydney (16 O’Connell Street) delivers on just about everything from FOOD to vibe, aesthetic & artwork (featuring the likes of the Carters themselves (HOV & BEY), Kanye, Taylor (and their little feud) to even the bathroom (which to be fair, is all about the artwork – i’m talking Trump & the Statue of Liberty).

We ordered everything on the ‘Snacks’ menu & one of the mains but fair warning…Snacks aren’t snacks, they’re forkin’ HUGE but SOOO worth it (even if it means I had to workout twice because of it) & quite honestly the BEST cheat meals I’ve had!

Chady (aka @chadyk), one of the owners of the venue is an absolute legend as well! I spoke to him while my hands and face were covered in a godly BBQ/maple glaze to find out where the whole concept for the venue came from & it all stems from his love of the US, where the world stands on Trump & pop-culture. He’s among some of the most down to earth restaurateurs I’ve ever met & knows how to get the people going (see what I did there…Ni***s in Paris anyone? No? Okay, I’ll sit down now)

You can find their menu & book a table all on The Carter Sydney FB page but for now, enjoy these shots of food because I can guarantee you’ll want to shovel it ALL into your mouth hole!

10/10 WILL be going back for more food and to give their epic cocktails a try.

The Carter Sydney – AKA BLESSS UP!

Kanye BBQ Corn Cob with Doritos Dust & Cayenne Salt

The Carter Chicken Wings ft. Pickle

The Carter Chicken Wings

Foods important but so is the artwork & this place doesn’t disappoint!

Notorious A.N.I.M.A.L fries ft. House Madde Mac & Cheese, Crispy Bacon & (more) CHEESE – BASICALLY Heaven!

ANOTHER ONE – Notorious A.N.I.M.A.L fries





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