The Grove Rooftop Bar – Everything you need to know & Photos

So you know when you’re watching a movie and you see people having a rooftop party & think “I gotta get me one of them” – you probably don’t sound like Cletus from the Simpsons but apparently my inner thoughts do 😂 Enter The Grove Rooftop Bar!

Hidden in Haymarket on level 8 of the Novotel Sydney Central, the Grove Rooftop bar is nestled within the hotel’s outdoor garden on a converted putt-putt course. Honestly, I would have preferred it to stay a putt-putt course, do you know how fun it is to drink and putt!?

The pop-bar features greenery as far as the eye can see, an abundance of fairy lights that make you feel like a nymph (not nympho, put it back in your pants), festoon lighting and of course views of the surrounding area; all set under the stars – perfect!

Let’s talk alcohol and food, that’s why you’re here! The Grove Rooftop offers a selection of canned beers, along with a limited selection of wines and spirits. The team also partnered with the folks at Hendrix Gin and Solarno Liquer to come up with some delicious as fork cocktails (check them out below).

When it comes to the food choices, it’s all easy to eat, on-trend and designed to share. You can eat up loaded fries topped with bacon, melted cheese and chipotle mayo, and nacho style hot chips loaded with spicy ground beef, melted mozzarella, jalapeño and sour cream. SAH GOOD!

You’ve probably had enough of reading this but here’s what you need to know – The Grove Rooftop bar is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 5:30pm until 10pm until 31 March 2017. Get up there and experience it!

Grove Rooftop Bar: SalmonGrove Rooftop Bar: Hendrix CocktailGrove Rooftop Bar: Mexican Loaded FriesGrove Rooftop Bar: Solarno CocktailGrove Rooftop Bar: Aranchini BallsGrove Rooftop Bar: Food menuGrove Rooftop Bar: Drinks Menu

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