MsNomNom x Donut Papi x Canvas Bar (photos)

MASSIVE thank you @MsNom_Nom, @Canvas_bar_sydney & @DonutPapi for the delicious invite that had me feeling some typaway 💦😉

french foreplay & red velvet cocktail


red velvet cocktail


french foreplay & red velvet cocktail


aiiii papi! Donut Papi knows whatst’s good 💦


lau me down and smother me in nutella 😍


when you think the table cant be anymlre heavenly


delectable Taro, Matcha, Cream & Strawberry donut tower 💦


April Fools donut flavour – wasabi & white chocolate glazed donut … THIS NEEDS TO ACTUALLY BE A FLAVOUR!!




lick of the lips, open your…donuts up to reveal a delicious taro center 😉


Written by Hungry As Fork



Ahahah I just saw this, your the bomb 💣Thx Chris, Money shots 💰💰💰 Hagaha 😘😘😘😘

Hey… PI’m a stalker, & u know it!!! 😆👊🏽


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