If you have never heard of In Asia, don’t worry you’re not alone, neither had I until I went to it the other night and let me tell you something for free, forking delicious! (I know, I say that about a lot of places but this was amazing)

Meeting the manager Ian and sampling some of the venues delectable dishes, cemented my (very quick) love for the restaurant!

Each of the 4 courses took me on a journey through asia, I’ve never been to a restaurant that has been able to create dishes with such fusion that made you feel like you were country hopping. From those with a Thai and Chinese influence to those combining Vietnamese and Korean, EVERYTHING about it was perfection.

Now, it’s not a question of IF I’d go back, it’s WHEN! 

FOOD- 9/10



Written by Hungry As Fork

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Hi Chris, great post! I’m really glad you enjoyed the night. It was great to catch up too. Keep smiling, Brendon 🙂


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