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Let me set the scene for you – it’s 7:50 pm and I’m driving through Surry Hills, only to end up in a back alley, where I’m either really lost or about to find a couple of hipters dumpster diving for a fixie they’re going to use in their next art installation…okay, neither of those sound like they’d happen, it’s 2016 and I’m fairly versed in the use of Google maps…thankfully there was a shining beacon of hope and I mean that literally, there was light pouring out of the venue, a sign that read “It’s what’s on the inside” and a guy standing in front…I was in the right place!

Walking into the venue I was greeted by a few things – 2 lovely ladies, 1 from Polkadot PR & the other from the Mystery food experience (SPOILER – It’s Foodora, previously known as Suppertime) & the other things you ask? Well, it was basically a meeting of the minds between Donna Hay, Frankie Magazine and like a Pintrest board came to life and threw up all over the place (I mean that in the best way, this place looked SHMICK)

After getting aquatinted and situated with the table, it was time to dive into the Foodora app (which by the way, is what we used to order dinner on…basically bringing all my dining/restaurant and food porn fantasies to life) and chow down on some DELICIOUS rice paper rolls from Madame Nhu.

The app itself is great and easy to use, all you have to do is find your location, pick your restaurant, select your menu items & check out, you have the option of paying Cash on Delivery OR via the app too! No mess, no fuss, no crashing! My only criticism though, you can only order through one venue at a time BUT I’m 100% sure they’ll figure out a way to streamline the process later down the track.

Let’s talk what what was on offer last night from some of the greatest joints Surry Hills has to offer. You had it all, from Chur Burger to Mr Crackles, Mamak to Madame Nhu & Pizza Birra to Messina. Paradise was a SLIGHT understatement. Like I said, we used the Foodora app to order our meals, watched a live plating demo to show you how to get the most out of your order and trick your friends into thinking you can cook (when in actual reality, you’ve almost burnt down your house 20 times attempting to cook) & had our food delivered in true Foodora fashion with their team coming in on bikes with bags of deliciousness! In case you had any wonder about why there’s so many fixies in the images…that’s probably a good indication.

  LET’S TALK FOOD! I could have basically ordered everything off the menu, it was all TO DIE FOR (also, I hadn’t eaten since 1pm) & going around the table, everyone was on the same boat & falling in love with it (shouts to Chris from The Australian and Jen & Vinni who I had the pleasure of meeting and gorging with).

When your food arrives, it comes served in a Foodora bag ready for you to remove and plate up like a pro! Ordered up a PHAT pulled pork burger + sweet potato fries form Chur Burger & a rojak from Mamak. Also on the table we had pumpkin & pork rolls + sweet potato fries from Mr Crackles (if you follow my insta, you’ll know that I am OBSESSED with their fries) & pizza zucca from Pizza Birra. To say that it was FEAST would be an understatement!

And of course, what dinner would be complete without a trip to Messina..and by trip I mean trying to pull myself out of my chair and rolling over to the Messina Stand. What was on offer? Just your classic Salted Caramel with white choc chip or Salted Coconut with Mango. THIS GUY went for the Salted Coconut & for the most part, it was great…until I hit the mango, which was a little OTT sweet but none the less, was still good!
Overall, a damn delicious night & will be keepin’ it 100 & using Foodora, they have their delivery game en point! You can download the app from the app store & incase you had any doubts about which one it was…it’s the BRIGHT PINK with the hand and cloche.

Forking in a restaurant, cafe & kisok near you soon 😉 – HAF

Written by Hungry As Fork

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